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Behran Oil Company was established 1963 as the largest private joint venture with Exxon Company in Iran.
At the beginning , the production facilities were limited to a blending plant, where only engine oils were blended and packed. After the Islamic Revolution, the company became ... more»

Protection of environment is Behran's biggest strategic goal. Behran Oil Co. has placed protection of environment along with customer satisfaction and development of lubrication industry on top of its strategic goals ... more »

Behran Motor Oil Super BMB
- Behran Motor oil super BMB (multigrade lubricant)is the highest quality Engine oil , Recommended for all season use in... more »
- BEHRAN MOTOR oil BMB is a premium quality multigrade crankcase lubricant,designed for using in modern passenger car... more »
Engine Coolant /Antifreeze
Behran anti-Freeza,anti-boil,and anti-corrosion fluid,protects the water cooled equipment against corrosion,frost and boiling... more »
Furfural is produced in our production plant in Shushtar city in south of Iran as one of the important organic chemical... more »
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